PRESTIGE – Reveal The Ravage (Album Review)

Prestige is a thrash metal band from Finland formed in 1987. For the four years between ’88 and ’92 the band “lived fast, toured extensively, and released three albums” – ‘Attack Against Gnomes’ (1989), ‘Selling The Salvation’ (1990), and ‘Parasites In Paradise’ (1992). After the band’s performance at the 1992 Ruisrock Festival, the band split up. The compilation ‘Decades Of Decay’ emerged in 2007, after which the band reformed, toured Europe, and performed at several festivals in their home country. In 2020, the band recorded two new songs – ‘Exit’ (released 2020) and ‘You Weep’ (released 2021)…

…both preceding the band’s new album ‘Reveal The Ravage’. With their uncompromising approach for delivering old-school thrash with a massive amount of aggression, Prestige is firing on all cylinders with their latest release – thundering into life with the high velocity ‘Innocent’. Head bangingly infectious, ‘Innocent’ is full-on thrash metal the way it should be – a fast-paced savage barrage of aggressiveness. What a blistering opening salvo! And the bombardment of aggression is far from over… Hell no – there’s still forty minutes of the album to go! ‘Burn My Eyes’ moves into the melodic style of thrash, as owned by legendary bands Death Angel, Flotsam And Jetsam, Destruction, and Testament. ‘Burn My Eyes’ still retains the aggressive vocals from the album’s opener but drops the all-out pace in favour of the mighty foot stomp. Quickening the pace. ‘Blessed Be’ roars out of the blocks, its fuel of aggression burning ferociously. The speed of ‘Blessed Be’ is gonna test neck muscles to the max, heads moving forward and back in a violently vigorous manner. Savage headbanging is the only type of headbanging suitable for this type of thrash.

With no break for a breather, Prestige motor on with the fierce ‘Pick Your Poison’. More blunt and in your face than anything that has gone before, the band shows a glimpse of their brutal side, slamming senses with Slayer-like brutality. I tell ya, if you’re not a hardened thrash metaller you may just struggle with the force oozing from ‘Reveal The Ravage’ – you have been warned! A scorching blast of old-school thrash fills the air as ‘Exit’ screams into life, setting land speed records as it blazes a scorching trail of fire across the land. Violent, vigorous headbanging returns to the mosh pit, as ‘Exit’ savagely bludgeons anyone and everything in its path. ‘You Weep’ brings even more aggression and attitude to the album. The chant-style chorus of “you weep” is gonna be yelled and screamed by fans everywhere, and will surely go down a storm live!

With no sign of the aggression levels dipping, ‘In Remains’ is a high-velocity barrage of high-speed thrash. Probably the fastest song heard so far, ‘In Remains’ bludgeons the senses with a ferocity that knows no bounds! ‘Ready?’ is the most “heavy metal” of all the songs on offer, dropping the savagery and brutality levels, but retaining the aggressive vocals. The pace is quick, and the sound of traditional heavy metal fills the air. Melodic thrash returns in emphatic style with ‘Self Destruct’ – and similarity with Testament comes to mind. The speed, power, aggression, and high melodious intent echo the Bay Area legends. ‘Self Destruct’ is old school, and there’s nothing wrong with old school…it’s one of the best sounds in thrash, from the best decade in thrash – the eighties! And I was there…growing up as a teenager, at a time when thrash was born, the “Big 4” and “Teutonic 4” were defining the thrash metal sound, and (of course) Prestige first made their mark in thrash metal history. Thirty years may have passed, but the band is as hungry now as they have ever been, ending their latest album with the heavy metal fuelled thrasher ‘Prime Time’. Crossing boundaries once more, Prestige are still expanding their sound, opening it up to a much wider audience than just the worlds thrash metal community.

Overall, a savage barrage of blistering thrash metal, highly aggressive and fiery, ‘Reveal The Ravage’ is a cracking album.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Massacre Records
Category: Album
Country: Finland

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, Metal Gods TV, and Metal-Roos.