Pride And Glory – Pride and glory 25th Anniversary Edition (Album Review)

Pride And Glory - Pride and glory (25th Anniversary Edition

An already accomplished musician by all means, with Ozzy and black label society, you would wonder why they would even look at reissuing pride and glory album not twice but a third time? Did it not do any good the first couple of times? Was the marketing not sufficient enough? What makes Zakk Wyldes pride and glory so special that it gains a third issuing? Well, simply put…. it is the raw fundamentals of southern rock that he had created. Staying true to the slides and off-tone guitar licks that made this an album that deserves 3 issues. The take on blues, roots, rock and physics is just a combination of where the music was heading at the time. It allowed other bands to explore a different take on music instead of the hair metal or the grunge scene that was battling it out.

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The step into a fresh spin on what they knew well paid off for them.

Classically written songs with southern instrumentation thrown together with low-grade distortion and high energy party like attitude, it set the tone for one hell of an era. This album was very nicely put together with every instrument getting their time to shine, from the almost faint bass to the guitars and of course the vocal power, one can’t help but think what else could they have done differently.

Then you have the acoustic pure spare of the moment bonus tracks.

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This album has everything for A to Z. But… I was feeling a little let down in the respect of solo creativity. Where was the action? Seem to miss the mark.. after a few more listens I then had to remind my self that there is so much going on that over-complicated solo parts would just make an absolute mess to the songs. Every finer detail in the songs is there for a reason.

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That fact was there was no over-complicated work because it was so tired up as one big packaged album full of little sections that shined just right.

Granted this album has run its course and the production of today’s music has really polished itself up, that something like pride and glory is something of the past. But that is what makes it so special. Not many effects, guitar tones are what was available at the time, there was no do-over 50k takes. This album was done through sheer genius.

Altogether, this album is one to put on the shelf and be glad and happy that it has been shared with us. 25 years worth to be grateful for. The songs are fun, it has a driving road trip vibe, it has the nice slick rockabilly attitude that we have come to love. Definitely worth a listen and definitely still very relevant.

Release Year: 2019
Label: eOneMusic
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by DK Kelly