The Second lineup announcement is:

Anubis: Australian Prog-Rock sextet Anubis formed in 2004 by vocalist/multi-instrumentalist Robert James Moulding and Keyboardist David Eaton. The band has released 5 studio albums – 2009’s ‘230503’, 2011’s ‘A Tower of Silence;, 2014’s ‘Hitchhiking to Byzantium’, 2017’s ‘The Second Hand’ and 2018’s acoustic album ‘Different Stories’. Despite being based in Sydney, the band has found considerable unlikely success in Europe’s Prog-Rock underground. Their forthcoming album “Homeless”, slated for release on March 10 will be debuted at ProgAid.

Hemina: Hemina are a 4 piece Progressive Metal band from Sydney, Australia. The band’s sound has been described as a unique combination of hard hitting syncopated grooves, lush synth backwashes, multi-part vocal harmonies, blistering memorable leads with a focus on songwriting and emotion. The band have supported international bands Uriah Heep, Kamelot, Apocalyptica, Queensryche, and Haken. They have shared the stage with Aussie legends, Caligula’s Horse, Chaos Divine, Voyager, Twelve Foot Ninja, Divine Ascension, Breaking Orbit among many others and simply live for the stage.

Genetics: While self-described as Instrumental Progressive Music, Genetics incorporate elements idiomatic of the progressive metal, and post-rock genres, interwoven with poignant samples of spoken-word on potent subject matter throughout their music. The band draws on influences from popular progressive rock and metal bands, along with influences from jazz and alternative rock.

Halcyon Reign: Start your day with gratitude and thank the world for all that is not 4/4. This what frontman Arvo does daily as he sings with a hesitant attitude to screaming but also avoiding too many clean passages because he needs to maintain a masculine persona to be accepted by the Sasquatch and conspiracy theorist communities. The real important aspects of this band are the sound effects and samples that sit above riffs that are intentionally difficult to follow.

The Winter Effect: The Winter Effect is a 4-piece Progressive Alternative Rock band from South-West Sydney and Wollongong, creating a blend of heavy, electronic, and atmospheric sounds while exploring many personal, worldly and philosophical concepts. Expected to harness the distinctive sound of their variety of influences, their new EP will shine through with elements of ambience, electronica, progressive, and alternative metal.