Rage In My Eyes: Release Spark Of Hope Video

Rage In My Eyes, hailing from Brazil, have an innovative new EP released this past October, “Spiral”. Now they have their new music video for the second single off the record, “Spark of Hope”, which can be viewed here:

Originally going under the band name “Scelerata”, they released a handful of records and were Paul Di’Anno’s backup band for many years. It was only recently they decided to musically change their direction and name to Rage In My Eyes. This new form took hold in 2018, and the main change to the music was stepping back from the basic traditional/power metal they were used to and showcasing their culture through the inclusion of milonga, a traditional folk music genre from southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. The expand on the new musical direction:

“The most curious thing about the band is the addition of the accordion, which is not a common instrument for Heavy Metal bands. The “Gaucho” visuals and the sound of the accordion is, without a doubt, something that separates us from other bands. Plus, the powerful and beautiful vocal tone of vocalist Jonathas Pozo is always a treat to listen to live.

The single, “Spark Of Hope” is a folk song strongly influenced by the Gaucho culture from southern Brazil, musically and lyrically. It talks about a story during 19th century Southern Brazil, after a decade of war, two men duelled for a matter of honor. One is a rebel Lieutenant and the other, an indigenous tracker known as Missioneiro. Once they fought back to back, now they will cross blades with each other. Lurking their tragic demise, a Lady in white awaits to take them to a final journey as a new sun rises.

“Spiral” is Rage In My Eye’s second release under their new name, following the 2019 full-length “Ice Cell”. As Scelerata, they released 3 full-lengths “The Sniper” (2012), “Skeletons Domination” (2008), and “Darkness & Light” (2006).

Rage in My Eyes is technical and innovative and highly recommended for fans of Helloween, Symphony X and Iron Maiden.

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