Reliqa – Secrets Of The Future (Album Review)

Release Date: May 31st 2024 - Nuclear Blast Records


Sydney based alternative luminaries Reliqa are soon to become a big name in the world of music with the release of their debut album Secrets Of The Future, a daring step into the future of the band.

Dying Light is an intense opening, with heavy unyielding riffs partnered with an addictive repeated verse and melodic choruses, it draws you in with no sign of escape. Cave follows with more of a cinematic sci-fi element that has an almost haunting effect on the slower passages “what a beautiful mess you’ve made.”

Reaching the first single Killstar (The Cold World), you’re truly able to experience what a powerhouse the band are, with Pym’s alternation between rap elements and siren like vocals combined with the thrash energy of the guitars into a fade out exit. The Flower may be the shortest track of the album but nothing has been compromised. Despite taking a softer approach in the beginning,  they paint a vivid tapestry through the music and the confessional passage to the end breaking way into a dark, intensive rhythm section adds the final flair. Sariah is hauntingly beautiful, layered vocals and drawn out solos continue to breathe life into a song that does the theme of the album justice.

Taking another surprising turn, Reliqa aren’t afraid of a little challenge with Terminal combining space style sound effects throughout a classic rock beat that’s intriguing for anyone listening, new and refreshing in a modern music scene still afraid of combining genres. Keep Yourself Awake is the most bass heavy song with Knox combining a slap sound with some serious distortion alongside paranoid, harsh lyrics spat out in one of the more ominous and dystopian feeling tracks. Crossfire is what I would refer to as the “power ballad” of the album and it’s the perfect live soundtrack, complete with serpentine solos from Lloyd, I feel the crowd response will be huge on this one.

Three quarters of the way through the album, here we see the rise of the bass again and a return back to the roots of melodic metalcore, Physical has clear stylistic influences from the likes of Halestorm but twists the knife just that bit deeper to give their own edge. Two Steps Apart is another powerhouse track, full of fire and force, the piano adds the extra dimension that give the song a soul reaching feel. A Spark is full of questions and realisations, the track slowly building to a pummelling climax that keeps on fighting. Upside Down closes a killer album with the same intensity it started, simpler and flowing than some previous tracks, each member gets to truly showcase their strengths.

Overall, Secrets Of The Future is an absolute powerhouse of an album, sure to snatch the hearts of melodic metal fans everywhere.

01. Dying Light
02. Carve
03. Killstar (The Cold World)
04. The Flower
05. Sariah
06. Terminal
07. Keep Yourself Awake
08. Crossfire
09. Physical
10. Two Steps Apart
11. A Spark
12. Upside Down

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Release Year: 2024
Label: Greyscale Records / Nuclear Blast Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Jodie Louise