Remains release brutal title track from debut album “Grind Til Death”


Featuring members of legendary bands such including Blood Duster, Captain Cleanoff, The Kill, Fuck I’m Dead, King, and The Day Everything Became Nothing, Melbourne maniacs, Remains, burst onto the scene recently with their debut single, Bloodthirst. Need a reminder of that savagery? Watch the video here.

Continuing the brutality, the band are back with, second single, the self titled, Remains. Prepare yourself and watch it below.

Frontman Tonebone comments on the track: “This self-titled track “Remains” tells the tale of the bands death and is summed up in the opening verse.

“In the 21st century
A band of four
Were fucking murdered
By executioners…”

“It’s one of the first songs we wrote when the band started writing for the album is bound to be a definite crowd pleaser with savage blast beats and a chorus that will surely want you to raise your horns high. The track is accompanied with a live video taken from our show supporting the mighty Obituary back in 2019. Definitely a track that will get your hooves tapping!”

Tone continues – “So about the new debut album, it’s near approaching its release date and we are extremely excited for it to reach the masses of extreme underground music. You and our Remainiac legion will hear the most ferocious album of 2022 which comes with everything you would expect from a stadium grind band, prepare your ears for a total beating.”

Expect it to crush skulls and destroy ears from July 15! Pre orders for Grind Till Death are available now from:



Remains - Grind Til Death