REPENTANCE – The Process Of Human Demise (Album Review)

Release Date: September 01st 2023 - Independent

REPENTANCE - The Process Of Human Demise

Repentance is a thrash metal band from the USA formed in 2018 releasing two albums to date – ‘God For A Day’ (2020) and ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ (2023).

Founded by guitarist Shaun Glass (ex Dirge Within), Repentance are an aggressive blend of thrash, metalcore, and groove metal – with sophomore album ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ featuring twelve songs in just forty four ferocious minutes! Album opener ‘Buried By Fear’ hits hard with a high-velocity barrage of aggression, the metal rough and the vocals rougher! Not for the faint of heart, ‘Buried By Fear’ is a menacing march of thrash to terrify the bejeezus out of every single listener everywhere! And the band don’t let up either, ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ storming on with ‘Withered And Decayed’, featuring Fear Factory vocalist Milo Silvestro. Yet among all the thrashy devastation, there is an element of the melodious tucked in there too, ‘Withered And Decayed’ a highly infectious rampage. What an absolutely blistering opening double! A double that becomes a triple with the ferocious ‘Reborn’ taking a more groove metal path than either of the two previous songs. The howling scowling vocals remain though, frightening everyone with their vicious intent.

With every song on offer at around four minutes in length, ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ is a fairly quick album, leaving very little time for a breather – the album moving swiftly on with the title song ‘The Process Of Human Demise’. And with the unrelenting viciousness of the album still in full force, the band are wreaking fucking havoc, destroying towns and cities to leave only desolation in their wake! So batten down the hatches dear readers, it’s about to get even more stormy! ‘Empire’ is a fast-paced groove metaller to clear the air, thundering on with an almighty punch. Not to mention the ferocity – a sky-high level to scare the pants off everyone! ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ (the album) is surely one of the most vicious releases of the year – and there have been quite a few! And for a brief moment, the band chill out – for just twenty seconds! And then the heaviest groove this side of the legendary Pantera hits the airways – ‘Down In The Water’ a devastating force powerful enough to blow a great big fucking hole right through the centre of the Earth! What a song! What an album! What a band!

Picking up the pace and energy, ‘A Future Untold’ plants one “foot on the monitor”, galloping forth just like a traditional metaller. But unlike traditional metal, ‘A Future Untold’ has a massive groove and harsh, vicious vocals. Just the other day I was listening to Mortal Factor’s new album ‘Where To From Here?’ – imagine the devastation these two bands would leave behind if ever they performed together! It’d be like a nuclear holocaust where no one survives! Except me, I’d survive. I’m metal through and through and you can’t destroy metal! The album explodes with an electrifying pace, courtesy of the mighty ‘All The Misery’, maintaining the incredible intensity ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ (the album) began with. The band are unforgiving, brutally hammering the senses harder than repeated blows from Thor’s hammer! Is there no end to the aural assault? Not yet – Repentance adopting a monolithic foot stomp for ‘Light It Up’, pounding the ground so fucking hard cracks appear underfoot! ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ (the album) is a lesson in violence, ferocity and aggression.

And the lesson ain’t over yet! ‘No Innocence’ is a high-velocity shredfest, stabbing viciously at the hearts of listeners everywhere – the band as fierce and ferocious now as they have been since the album began! At just two minutes in length, ‘A Grave For The False Ones’ is the shortest song on offer, as well as the most mellow moment you’re ever gonna here on ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ (the album). ‘A Grave For The False Ones’ is an instrumental, building an atmosphere of tension and fear as it reaches a crescendo ready for the (album’s) final song to come hurtling at you at over a hundred miles a fucking hour! ‘Venom Inside’ is deadly, travelling faster than the speed of light to leave a barren wilderness in its wake! What an album ‘The Process Of Human Demise’ (the album) has been – a simply breathtaking barrage of ferocity!

 Overall, an aggression-fueled, venomous foray of unrelenting savagery, Repentance is vicious, fierce, and highly ferocious.


Buried By Fear
Withered And Decayed
The Process Of Human Demise
Down In The Water
A Future Untold
All The Misery
Light It Up
No Innocence
A Grave For The False Ones
Venom Inside

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Release Year: 2023
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: USA

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire and Metal-Roos.