Rising Stars of melodic death metal act Brymir release new single “Fly With Me”

Photo credit: Janica Lönn

Juggernauts of melodic death metal BRYMIR are striking back with their long awaited, powerful studio album, Voices In The Sky, out this Friday via Napalm Records! Looking back at three internationally praised albums, the band is back for more, stirring up the scene once again.

Accompanying this explosive new album, BRYMIR unleashes their third single and official music video, “Fly With Me“. The band proves their remarkable ability to combine immense, clear, earworm choruses with furious growls and heavy breakdowns. Hailing from Helsinki, Finland, this is with no doubt the next band to keep on the radar in modern melodic death metal. Styled in the vein of Ensiferum, Wintersun and Children Of Bodom, they serve a more modernized answer to the melodic death metal equation.

BRYMIR on “Fly With Me”: “Social media is a wild place – it can a powerful platform for expression but at the same time it is a cesspit of disinformation, hate and bullying. A place where identities are forged and destroyed. This song is about the dangers of getting lost in the digital maze – be careful out there!”

Voices In The Sky marks a hefty next level creation serving a more modernized answer to melodic death metal with an unstoppable sound, massive production, deep grooves and air-tight technicality. Nevertheless, BRYMIR continues to draw inspiration from traditional genres like folk and classical music, crafting their own blend of epic melody, haunting melancholy and relentless velocity – all brought together perfectly at the hands of the band and producer mastermind and singer Viktor Storm Gullichsen at JKB Studios, with mastering helmed by Tony Lindgren at Fascination Street Studios.

On this 11-track piece,  BRYMIR combines the best of their defining elements to a greater good, showcasing that they are at the very top of their game and ready to enter the next level on their promising journey! Pre-order Voices In The Sky: https://lnk.to/VoicesInTheSky/napalmrecords



BRYMIR - Voices In The Sky