Roadkiller with Obituary drummer Donald Tardy premieres “Back With a Vengeance” video

Phillipa Tank and Donald Tardy

Phillipa Tank is ROADKILLER. Phillipa is the vocalist, singer and composer of the music and lyrics of all of the songs on the record. She is also the guitarist and founding member of all girl Motorhead tribute band, Motorbabe.

Five guest drummers participated in the recording of the upcoming ROADKILLER album, Pick of the Litter: Dave Witte (Municipal Waste), Jess Margera (CKY), Donald Tardy (Obituary), Tommy Akerholdt (Turbonegro) and Adrian Aguilar (Exmortus). Phillipa invited each drummer to record a song that best fit each drummer’s style of playing. Each session was filmed and a total of five videos will be produced.

Donald Tardy says, “It was an absolute blast working with Phillipa. Not very often do I have the time or feel the desire to work with other artists outside of Obituary and I couldn’t have had any more fun jamming, creating, recording with and getting to know her. She is an awesome guitarist, songwriter and an even better person and I am proud to be a part of her record and look forward to the release, seeing the fans reactions and hopefully it’s a massive success for her as she has worked tirelessly on this album and she deserves it!! Great songs, great vibe, great human!!

Phillipa Tank adds, “I got the first three drummers I wanted straight off the bat (Tommy Akerholdt, Dave Witte and Jess Margera). I knew I wanted two more drummers, but I kept hitting brick walls. One wrong turn led me to New Orleans. I was in the French Quarter getting a reading and the psychic told me I was going to travel to Florida. I was like Florida? Why would I want to go to Florida? But then I started thinking… Oh yeah, that’s the home of Death Metal. Obituary was the first band that came to mind. So I started writing some more heavier tracks and reached out. He liked what I sent so I flew down and recorded at Redneck Studios. It was an awesome experience, and his tracks sound amazing.”