Rovar: German Heavy Rockers Release Single/Video Thirst

The Heavy Rock band Rovar from Germany release their single and video Thirst. It comes with the statement: „No one can stop me now!“. Rovar‘s upcoming single sends you on a trip of desire, dreams and dopamine. It describes the sensation of seeing someone for the very first time and still feeling a magical attraction towards them. Intoxicated with a conflicting cocktail of self-doubt and determination, your world becomes blurry. In the end, the choice is yours.

Preserving the high energy level of the young band’s self-titled EP. it also showcases their development from writing riffs to writing songs. Rovar stick to what they do best. Their way of recording songs live as one-takes in one room makes you really hear all the blood and sweat that go into their recordings and brings back memories of the great seventies. Continuing on their mission to make rock music real again, Rovar‘s debut album coming out 2021 is highly anticipated.
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Get the single at the band’s Bandcamp or at Spotify.