RUÏM reveal ‘The Triumph (Of Night & Fire)’, first track taken from new album”Black Royal Spiritism”


Sonically the track features an atmospheric introduction, after the smoke clears and a ritualistic melody is revealed, we lean into a rousing verse before plummeting into the depths of Black Metal. As the song continues we’re flanked by a maelstrom of drums and icy tremolo guitars greet us from the abyss. ‘The Triumph (Of Night & Fire)‘ showcases the multitude of genres that swirl beneath the surface pushing the album out of the darkness and into the band’s own illuminating light.

The song serves as the perfect introduction into crux of what RUÏM represents and acts as a spring board into the unknown.

Mastermind Rune Eriksen elaborates on ‘The Triumph (Of Night & Fire)’ below: “The song represents some sorts of a nexus, a binding energy or a red line that runs through the album thematically. Not only from a lyrical point of view with its spiritual “battle cry” of sorts, but also from a musical standpoint. The cleaner, eerie passages mixed with the chaos-like elements, vivid time changes and brute power all serve as junctions to the dedication and passion that sums up this album as a whole.”

The song is accompanied by a video, created by Matt Vickerstaff the clip works in tandem with the songs eerie ambience to create a suitably apocalyptic tenor that matches the frenetic nature of the track. Eriksen describes the video as “A symbolically occult and unsettling visual trip into the spheres of magic and worship”

RUÏM was formed in 2020 by the Norwegian born, Grammy award winning guitarist Blasphemer (Rune Eriksen), known from acts such as Vltimas and Mayhem. Joining Blasphemer on drums is French born drummer César Vesvre (Agressor, Thagirion).

Driven by a firm desire to revisit the style of music he has dedicated himself to and been associated with since the mid 90´s and inspired by the rediscovery of a long lost tape of old, unused Mayhem-era riffs from 98/99, the concept of starting a new project based around these ideas manifested itself quickly. Soon, a new vision was born for an album immersed in Brazilian witchcraft and the left-hand path of the Umbanda tradition – a practice in which Blasphemer himself is taught in – to deliver a new blackened opus in the vein Blasphemer has been synonymous with since his inception into Mayhem back in 1994 (until 2007).

Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja’ is RUÏM’s debut studio album. It presents a glimpse of something new, unique, visionary and highly eclectic. This album marks the beginning of a concept set to span a trilogy of releases exploring and incorporating a deeply personal expression of Blasphemer’s own beliefs regarding the greater spirits of the left-hand path. A pitch-black offering, ‘Black Royal Spiritism’ is steeped in ominous and eerie, unnerving darkness. Each track is meticulously woven with a sinister undercurrent, given flesh by Blasphemer’s highly distinctive brutal riffing style, with atmospheric, ambient, and clean passage interludes featuring among the chaos.

Vocals on ‘Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja’ are also handled by Blasphemer himself, sung in a mix of English, Portuguese and Norwegian, with lyrical themes rooted in a celebration and dedication to the lore and rituals of linha da esquerda.

The album was recorded at Drudenhaus Studio in France and mastered by Jack Control at Enormous Door and artwork created by Sindre Foss Skancke. Black Royal Spiritism – I – O Sino da Igreja will be released on Peaceville Records on 26th May on CD / LP / Limited edition gold coloured vinyl and digitally. Pre-order are available now from here:



RUÏM - Black Royal Spiritism