Sacrilege (UK)

Metal-Roos: Greetings, Sacrilege, welcome to Metal-Roos! It’s a great honour to have you here.

Hi it’s great to chat to you and thank you for asking for the interview. It’s my pleasure.

M-R: You were very active in the 80s, then retired for 25 years, and you came back in 2012. Now, at the beginning of 2020, how do you feel right after all this retired time from the Metal World?

Better than ever, thanks. I have the perfect line-up which I’ve struggled to get throughout my Sacrilege life and everything is going well. From 2012, I think I counted about 9 lead guitarists that have come and left the band for one reason or another which makes releasing albums and touring etc hard work. It’s not nice for the fans when they see a new guy each gig.

M-R: After returning from the retirement over the decade ago, Sacrilege put out a incredible quantity of 7 albums. Only few bands can do this! How was the feeling to make those albums only in such a short time period?

I was enjoying being back so much. Hearing what solos my friend in Finland, Pekka loikkenan, was putting on the tracks, it just made me want to write more and more and I did. The good thing is people are saying each album gets better so another great sign for us.

M-R: How was the reaction of the public, especially of England, when Sacrilege was on stage again?

The first gig back at the red lion was a full house. They even had a guest announcer telling people about Sacrilege and building the gig up so much before the intro. So, when we blasted into Ashes to Ashes the crowd were already anticipating a great show and it was a fab night. The problem I’ve had is when I retired for all those years, another Sacrilege came out who had a female singer and the genre is thrash metal. We are always getting mixed up when being booked at shows, some not booking us as they say it’s not a thrash metal festival. But they don’t read we aren’t thrash metal no matter how many times we tell them, it’s frustrating at times.

M-R: Can you compare the metal movement from the 80s to today following your point of view?

The 80s was good fun and the crowds were great. There were so many super bands playing at that time that we were all spoilt for choice on who to go to see. The biggest thing about today’s scene is social media, everything goes through that. It’s a great in a way as you get to know the fans more personally. But I do miss the old way of putting flyers up where you weren’t meant to etc lol

M-R: Right now, you are about to beging a tour across Europe promoting the last album The Court Of The Insane. How was the reception of the public of this album so far?

It’s been fab. When you play live most of the crowd normally like you to play the old stuff as that’s what they know. But this album is one of those where you can like it immediately. The reaction is almost like please do the whole new album rather than play the older stuff. I think on tour we have got the mix right with tracks.>

M-R: Will there be Sacrilege for long long time?

Well, I can’t answer that time wise but we are enjoying it more than ever. As long as we have our health and the fans enjoy and want more we will keep playing so I hope for many year yet.

M-R: Thanks for the interview, Sacrilege. It was an honour to have you here. Don’t forget to mention your social media to follow you.

Many thanks, I enjoyed it immensely. New fans can find us at:
Twitter @billsacrilege

Interview Date: 2020-01-20

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez