SARMAT – RS-28 (Album Review)

SARMAT is a blackened death metal band from Poland that formed back in 2018. Their debut album titled RS-28 was released independently back in March 2021 and is available for purchase through their Bandcamp, as both CD and digital download. It features 8 dark rumbling tracks that extend just a little over half an hour.

These guys waste no time easing you into their brutal sound from the opening song Coldgrinder. Blast beats right from the start smack you fairly in the guts to let you know you’re going to be in for a savage ride. The vocals throughout the album range between differing deathly, dark, growl tones, while the instrumentals beat behind with a blistering punch. The drums throughout the album really give the name RS-28 some familiarisation by their relentless assault, accompanied by the devasting guitar riffs and tone. The production I must add is crisp and without fault to me.

Fans of death metal with a dark edge or blackened death metal should love this release, and I urge any death metal fan who hasn’t checked these guys out yet to do so. The stand out track for me would have to be the final track Blackout (Scenario For Tomorrow), Pt. 2. That opening riff really tickled my pickle! Can’t wait to see what these guy’s offer next.

1. Coldgrinder
2. Evilution
3. The Shining Of Oneiros
4. RS-28
5. Seeds Of Uncertainty
6. You Don’t live In My War
7. Blackout (Scenario For Tomorrow), Pt.1
8. Blackout (Scenario For Tomorrow), Pt.1

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Poland

Reviewed by Chris Long