Scabbard – Nonsense War (Re-Issue Review)

Get ready for old school death as Nonsense War by Scabbard transports you back to the land before Digital Production.

Nonsense War has a raw production quality with limited clarity, while still retaining multiple instrumental layers. The sound is like being outside of a venue from some distance as the drums sound dampened and background, lacking a punchy sound. The recording has a hallucinatory effect produced by the riff and vocals bouncing between the right and left speaker.
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The guitars and bass have a muddied sound, with some bright tones in the solos occasionally coming through. The Repetitive fills have slight tempo changes that create a real grove beat. Vocals are harsh and distant lacking articulation. This band sounds old school because they are old school.

This is something that should be listened to on tape, sadly I do not have a cassette player anymore.
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I rate Nonsense war by Scabbard 2 out of 5 roo’s, instead of roos, let’s make that 2 cassettes.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Awakening Records
Category: Album
Country: Czech Republic

Reviewed by Alex