Shattered Hourglass – Timekeeper (Album Review)

This hard-hitting band from South Australia is no ordinary heavy metal band. Listening at first glance you’d immediately imagine a group of badass guys rocking their long hair, guitars, vests, and a helluva lot of 80s influence. Little to your knowledge, the lead guitarist of Shattered Hourglass is only 13 years old. Every song composed has been written by schoolboy Raiden MacIntyre. Instantly ranks this bands awesomeness much higher.

Let’s get into the breakdown of this album now. What do you think you’ll be expecting? Roaring vocals, crunching guitar tones, solos? Tick, tick and tick! Track number 1, ‘Herd of Sheeple’, starts out with multiple ringing alarm sirens made with heavy pedal distortion. Then we are brought in with an exciting riff, quickly followed by fast double kicks on the drums, and hi-hat and snare together on each count, like the sound of a herd of animals rushing, (hence the track title). The second track is special to me, being the title track, you’d expect it to hold its name right? Blistering fast tapping solo at the end of the song, leading into a pretty heavy breakdown for a song that’s styled in the 80s/90s heavy and thrash metal. There is not a dull moment anywhere in this album. From awesomely constructed riffs, bouncy tom fills, creative work between the hi-hat and China cymbals, and of course kick-ass vocals. Even some groovy bass lines, like at the beginning of ‘Jaw of Flames’, before the guitar and drums come in. My favourite song from this album probably has to be ‘Ascension’. The seventh track on the album, the boys throw in an all-instrumental track. From the first minute, you will feel like you’re getting ready for battle. In between the first and second minute, you will feel as if you’ve been thrown into the fight. Seriously such a badass song. The song ends with the same riff, but leaving you feeling just like victory, then you see that there are 3 more tracks left; at least you’re already feeling victorious, that you can take down anything.

I would like to see a massive congratulations to Raiden, for writing such an awesome first album for Shattered Hourglass. At just 13 years old, this young man has a bright future ahead of him, providing us with all the shreds.

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Release Year: 2020
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Shaun Bensley