Sheogorath – Lunacy Gone Astray (Album Review)

Sheogorath was founded in 2013, the name comes from a character from the Elder Scrolls video game.  The band has a handful of releases, one demo in 2014, an EP in 2016 followed by 3 full-length albums, the most recent being “Lunacy Gone Astray” released in May 2021.

I had not heard of the band prior to checking out the latest album, and to say the genre is melodic black metal, narrows the style of what the band has to offer.

The title track “Lunacy Gone Astray” has a distinctly traditional metal feel about it to begin but then moves into a more extreme style, coupled with the guttural vocal style it wavers between black metal and more melodic leads on the guitar.  It was unexpected from a band described as black metal, the unpredictable nature of the track was a good surprise.

Even more unexpected is the track “Divided by Fear”, I found the overuse of pinch harmonics at the beginning very jarring, but again the track evolved into a more extreme style that was more aligned with the black metal atmosphere.

Throughout the album, there are a variety of styles that exhibit the influences of the band as not just one genre.  If I was to describe this album, I would simply call it extreme metal.  This is not a negative at all, the band clearly has more to offer than restricting themselves to a specific style.

The album has a diverse range that has appeal to a cross-section of extreme metal fans, “My Forlorn Tale” is probably the track that resonated with me the most, it’s frantic and unrelenting.

If you’re expecting simply pure melodic black metal, then prepare to be surprised, it is not entirely what you bargained for, and for the full experience of this album, you will need to listen to the album in its entirety to appreciate its many dimensions.

many dimensions

many dimensions

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Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Austria

Reviewed by ForsakenMisery