Siberian Dark Folk Duo NYTT LAND Releases New Music Video for “Johem Ar”!


In support of their latest studio album Torem, released on October 6, 2023 via Napalm Records, Siberian dark folk duo NYTT LAND has shared a brand new music video for “Johem Ar”!

As the shamanic couple reveals: “For us, the song ‘Johem Ar’ became a continuation of the song ‘U-Gra’, our anthem of Siberia from the previous album ‘Ritual’. If ‘U-Gra’ is about winter Siberia, with its endless forests and frozen tundra, then ‘Johem Ar’ is about steppe Siberia.
About that Siberia, which became a path and home for many nomadic peoples who walked to endless far, following their star.”