Sick Feel (Venezuela)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos, Sick Feel! It’s a pleasure to have you here.

Cheers from Caracas, Venezuela, Metal-Roos friends! The pleasure is ours.

MR: Tell us a little bit about Sick Feel.

Sick Feel is a metal band from Caracas, Venezuela. The band was founded by the initiative of Fernando Morales & Joel Miranda in 2007. In the early years, the band started playing in their hometown, Caracas, in several known places. In those moments the band was more into nu-metal & metal hardcore. Currently, the band bases its music on the combination of two important metal genres: Groove Metal & Melodic Death Metal.

Since our formation, Sick Feel has released 1 demo (2010), a five-track EP titled Beyond the Ruin, one LP under the name of Sick Society published in 2016 by the Chilean label Cepa Records. Nowadays the band is working in their new album release titled Chapters Of Hate which will be available on June 15th this time by the German Label Wolf Entertainment.

MR: Last weekend you released the official track (and second single) Surreal Host, what can you say about that song and the reception with the media?

Surreal Host is a song related to a duality thematic or in other words a double personality struggle. The song describes how a person can be inside your mind and destroy you completely inside out. That’s the moment when you need to fight back with yourself in order to avoid self-destruction. When it comes to the media reception it’s been cool, a lot of people have been supporting the band, sharing & giving us their thoughts about the song, which for us it’s always great to see how people react when we put out some new music.

MR: Finally the awaited second album will be out on June. What are sick feel’s expectations after the release?

First of all we’d love to have the chance to get to play these new songs live for everyone that comes to our shows after this pandemic situation finally reaches to an end. On the other hand, we’d like to reach more people with this album in that way take it to the next level and even more now that we have the support of our new label & friends from Wolf Entertainment.

MR: Some weeks ago, the band has signed with german label Wolf Entertainment. How do you feel with this signing with an international label?

We’re really glad to have this opportunity and even more now with this new record that’s coming out in June which makes us really proud of all the hard work that we put into it. We hope to have the chance of having more doors open for us musically speaking and keep promoting the Venezuelan metal movement all over the world.

MR: Sick Feel added a third guitar to the line-up. What is the reason for that decision?

Well, the third guitar addition in the band was related to this personal sound that we’re looking for. As a band, we’re always searching for that personal touch & identity that we think must bands should look for. That new sound it’s something that we’re still working on for future plans & performances. You may hear more about it in future records to come not so much in this one.

MR: Tell us one big anecdote of Sick Feel’s career.

As a band with more the 10 years doing music, on the road, knowing new people, playing lots of shows, we could say that touring is one of those experiences that have given us a lot of good & sometimes bad memories. One funny anecdote is, one time we got a show in Maracay (a city in Vzla) the audience was brutal that night, there were a bunch of circle pits everywhere. We were doing our thing when all of a sudden the stage started to break – in half. It didn’t completely break so we had the chance to finish our set that night. But until now we can say that that was one of those funny “metal moments” that we’d experienced in a live show that we surely are not gonna forget.

MR: Right now the metal events are canceled (or the most of them) due to COVID-19, how is Sick Feel facing this quarantine time?

Despite this pandemic, the band is still working hard creating more content for the fans & everyone that wants to know more about us. Most of what we do is related to the release of our new album Chapters Of Hate. Besides that, we started to share between the band members new ideas for new songs that might be part of a new record after the release of Chapters Of Hate. Let’s say that we haven’t stopped working notwithstanding the quarantine time.

MR: Spread some words to all the metal fans.

For all the metal fans around the world, we can say that don’t stop supporting your local bands and also your favourite metal bands around the world. Buying their merch, downloading their music, sharing the tunes, and give them your opinions about what their music makes you feel. It will mean a lot to all of us in these difficult times. It’s a very difficult moment for the music business in general and even more for metal music worldwide. So do not stop spreading the word about the bands that you support & the music that you like. Taking care & supporting each other we’d get through these hard times stronger than ever. And remember to wash your hands, protect yourself & stay safe

MR: Thanks for the interview, Sick Feel. It was a pleasure to have you here, tell us your social media to follow your career.

Like we said before the pleasure is ours. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Metal-Roos, for taking the time to find out more about the band’s new record that will be released on June 15th & also the band in general. We appreciated it. For those who want to know more about the band here are our social networks. Follow us and be part of our Sick Feel family. Cheers!

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Interview Date: 2020-05-19

Interviewer: Jhossbert Gonzalez