Superheist – Sidewinder (Album Review)

Skateboards, baggy pants, a starter cap, spray cans, matching band clothing, dreadlocks and cornrows are all things that come to mind when I think about Nu Metal. And I know it has always been a bit of a controversial topic when it comes to metalheads. And it really isn’t going to stand up to anything extreme, but when it is done well, Nu Metal is cracking and I really can have a soft spot for it. But I’m probably one of those people that haven’t really given Superheist its time or due, but their release Sidewinder has some pretty cool elements that fans might dig. Considering the change in members, and the time it has taken to release something new, Sidewinder still has the same feel as their work of the 90s. And I mean it sounds really nighties, all the way down to the use of samples in some tracks and the Tekken inspired sounds of Shockwave – London.

The production and performance are very good. Vocally, Ox has bought it to the plate. I’d say that there is some polish needed in the space between aggressive and clean vocals, but that is me being very picky. Ox excels on this and is probably the most charismatic thing on the release. It’s a solid album; the songs are interesting, the chorus’ are catchy and while this might be saying the same things they said in the 90s, it’s a story that we don’t mind hearing again. Save some heavier guitar sounds, the few gutturals and the odd rap spitted with venom, the heaviness of this album dries up after the second track. Which for someone like me was upsetting.

Fans of the band however might revel in the radio-friendly nature of most of the tracks, but the alternative influence of the album is more than I can engage with. Suitable for those who believe things have gone from bad to worse.

Release Year: 2019
Label: Black Mountain Music
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Liam Frost-Camilleri