Silent Planet Announce New Album ‘SUPERBLOOM’ Out November 3 & Share ‘Collider’ Video.

Silent Planet

California metal band SILENT PLANET have announced their new album SUPERBLOOM. It arrives November 3 via Solid State Records.

The release date is significant for the band, as it arrives on the anniversary of their horrific van accident.

The band has shared music video for Collider. Watch it here:

“Take all the darkness. All the vitriol, the greed and the vanity; lay it again as dust.

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Everything can be alchemized. This song is called ‘Collider,'” says singer Garrett Russell“It’s about what comes out of our lives when the people we trust and hold closest are the ones who can hurt or betray us the worst. We don’t have to run from the pain or be afraid.

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The dark gives us the energy to make something beautiful. The song is about alchemizing the darkness and transforming its negative properties.”

When the band dropped Antimatter, Revolver enthused, “Silent Planet’s new single begins with throbbing electronic pulsations and robotic clean croons, making you think that you’re in for a clubby pop song. Nope. The djent instrumentation comes crashing through, and eventually the whole song builds up to a screamed chant that blends poledance-worthy synths with rigid, toe-stubbing breakdowns. Fuck yes.”

“A SUPERBLOOM is this strange moment where brilliant fauna spring forth unexpectedly and bring forth such an array of colors, it almost feels alien in origin,” Garrett notes. “It only lasts for a couple of weeks before it’s gone. While we were recording, the SUPERBLOOM was happening. For me, the record is getting in touch with the other side and watching the strange and paranormal emerge from the mundane and profane, hence the title.

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Silent Planet - Superbloom

01. Lights Off the Lost Coast
02. Offworlder
03. Collider
04. Euphoria
05. Dreamwalker
06. Antimatter
07. :Signal:
08. Anunnaki
09. The Overgrowth
10. Nexus
11. Re-Entry