Sithlord – From Out of the Darkness (Album Review)

A long time ago in a city far, far away comes a band travelling at the speed of thrash spitting out ion cannon distortion from their instruments. From Melbourne, Australia this four-piece band once sequestered on dark a moon in a part of uncharted space they have found some powerups and become re-energised after a long hiatus.

With Saundies (Guitar/Vocals), Adrian Willis (Guitar), Jamael Rojo (Bass), Lee Mountney (Drums) they recorded their album at Toyland Studios, Melbourne where they crafted their imperial sound. Their sound is old school thrash. Whipping drums. Cymbals beaten to death. It’s reminiscent of careering through an asteroid belt in a stolen TIE interceptor dodging and weaving from side to side as it tries to outrun the chasing squadron. More often speedy chaotic thrash songs are mixed in with areas of rhymic riffs. The jump between can be sonically sudden like a punch in the kneecap from an Ewok.

With the name of the band and artwork cover leaning towards the Star Wars concept, there is no surprise that lyrically the songs are based on the franchise. The iconic sounds of lightsabers can be heard on the opening track ‘Next in line’ with the crackle and hum of the brilliantly lit Kyber crystal energised handheld weapons. The artwork is simple and gets the point across.

Guitars are played with a vigorous tempo with fuzzy distortion sound that rings clear.

The tone on ‘The Accursed’ intro has an ominous edge to it before leading into the madness of the song. The guys play all around the neck throwing rhythm sections out there that seem to go up one way then back again bouncing in this way quite a bit. There are some interludes that favour another direction which is some of the best parts of the album. Solos occasionally appear but can be just a means of adding excitement to the song as opposed to being crafted masterpieces.

The title track ‘From out of the darkness’ carries you through a rhythm that should not be listened to when driving because you’ll sway the steering wheel from side-to-side to move to the rhythm.

Saundies vocals suit the style of music with the lurching growl of a bar loving humanoid leaning against the counter in Tatooine. While the stories are entertaining I struggle to hear the lyrics over the top of the dominant drums that never stop their pace and the lyrics being lost by some sort of distortion or delay on them as in ‘The return to Godless music’. Vocals were limited to one sort of plane of singing and never seemed to venture from spitting out the lyrics which perhaps didn’t the fit music

This is a rowdy album with air guitar spots and moshpit creating elements. It will send you on an intergalactic ride that will take you into a clash with many strong foes. You will have to decide whether you believe the good you fight for is for the right of the galaxy or for what you feel is right no matter who is in your way. All is known is that it is more thrilling on the Thrash Side.

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Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Byron Lotz