Skyhammer – The Skyhammer


Let me set you the scene, it’s a sunny Autumn day here in the capital city of this wide brown land, and time for this reviewer to set his thoughts to paper on the latest outing from Adelaide stalwarts Skyhammer.  Well, it’s an odd one because many, many times I have heard bands that sonically play massive homage to the greatest of them all Iron Maiden. But and here is the real kicker never the later years of said bands catalogue. I had to stop the music and take a look at what I was playing. For this 6 track EP, the bands only second outing could easily be an outtake album never released from any of the Dickinson reunion years.

Now please don’t stop reading thinking OH HUM another Maiden rip off why bother. I tell you why to bother because these guys are a breath of fresh air. They write songs that are rhythmically pleasing like many of the later stage albums of Maiden the Progressive time changes and the textures are here, the vocals are soaring and the musicianship is breathtaking.  The similarities keep coming where Maiden covered the Classic Woman in Uniform in such a way that most of the UK that is at the time had no idea it was a cover. These Guys do the same with EP closer Danger Zone if this is not released, as a single then there is an injustice here.

If you like your music like me to Gallop like wild hell horses and to bring on the involuntary headbanging then this is for you. Is it going to challenge you no, Is it going to change the world no! But it does what it says on the packet it’s a truckload of fun. And I can for one see myself getting a nasty bang over from these guys next time they come through my town.

So put your hands together and dig deep into your pockets and help bands like Skyhammer keep going, music as fun as this is often hard to find. We are guilty of intellectualizing this amazing Genre we love. Deep down really it’s all just rock n roll and Vocalist Steve Labadi, Guitarists Andrew Cutting and Mathew Zipeto, Drums Rory Amoy, Bass, Larry Ash.  Have created something that deserves a bigger audience than just us here in Australia. Like any good boy, I’m very happy to share my toys with anyone who would ask. So come share this amazing EP with me and in doing so pass it on to your mates.


I give this Fun, Frantic outing 4 out of 5 stars

Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans

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