Smoking Martha – Universe (Album Review)

Never suffer through the day listening to music you don’t enjoy. If you see your friend suffering this fate or uttering such terrible expletives as “I don’t listen to anything in particular” then perhaps hand them over your headphones so they can have a listen to the new album, “Universe”, dropped in by Smoking Martha. Right from the get-go, you’ll see their face light up as the album’s vibrancy brighten their day.

Their energetic blend of rock was borne from the creative influences of Tasha D (vocals) and Mick Broome (guitarist). When Matty Mulheran (bass) and Jordy Poynter (drums) were included the creative line-up was set.

The dulcet tones of Tasha D provide lacey vocals dripping all over the songs where sugar is needed while providing a powerful and edgy voice to lift up the lyrics that speak to everyone. While never aggressive her tones are varied and charismatic creating a distinctive sound. The opening track, “Good Girls”, introduces us to the fun side of the band presenting something serious. They follow their passions and express themselves they want while they watch the world follow followers and not help themselves break free.

Rock notes blast out through the amps with various styles the seem centered in good ol’ American classic hard rock styles. Energetically paced they keep your mind solidly focused on a good time.  “Intermission”, “Neon Lights”, and “Universe” give us a bit of a breather from the pace of the album showing an acoustic element with the former taking on a blues rhythm. The album art is vibrant and quirky following along with the style of the music.

There are some solid rock and blues influences on this record. They manage to make it all their own. “It’s a lie” comes out as a powerful song showcasing a simple set of riffs and structure that slightly deviate from their classic rock style and verge more into hard rock territory. Tasha’s voice in no angle grinder but rather the words become long drawn out shapes of ribbons in the air.

Brisbane has got a charismatic and energetic band in the midst.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Xelon Entertainment
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Byron Lotz