Snake Bite Whiskey – Black Candy (Album Review)


Snake Bite Whiskey describe themselves as Australia’s number 1 badass motherf*****g sleaze rock band and based on their album Black Candy I agree. Snake Bite Whiskey formed in 2014 and have been likened to early Guns n’ Roses with a dose of Motörhead. Black Candy is their second full-length album after their debut This Side of Hell in 2019.

The opening track Thunderbird starts with a pinched harmonic dive that would make Eddie Van Halen cry. This fast-paced song perfectly sets up the rest of the album with a searing guitar lead that will make you think Slash was playing.

The whole band is very solid throughout the album, with all members shining through in each song. Each song will make you want to nod your head along and use the steering wheel as a drum kit. Even though the band describes themselves as early Guns n’ Roses mixed with Motörhead don’t let that put you off as Snake Bite Whiskey have their own sound and any fan of rock, punk and metal will enjoy this album.

The song that stands out for me is Bones in the Fire, it’s the slowest song on the album but shows that the band can do slower ballad-like songs just as good as the fast-paced songs. It’s very catchy with great vocals and guitar riffs.

Recommended for fans of Punk and Rock.

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Release Year: 2021
Label: Sliptrick Records
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by HaychBee