Snake Mountain Release New Single ‘EVERLIVING’

Snake Mountain

The song was tracked by drummer Kristian Rousell and guitarist Jaymes Jackson (who also mixed) at the band’s studio and mastered by Paul Blakey from 12th and Vine Post.

Everliving is a dark and heavy groove-driven song that takes lyrical inspiration from one of the most terrifying characters in animation history, the mummified demon priest known as ‘Mumm-Ra the Everliving’ from Thundercats.

‘When I was young, one of the most horrifying things to me was the Mumm-Ra transformation scene in Thundercats, for an animated show about anthropomorphic heroes geared towards kids you had this very dark and demonic scene in every episode that has forever been burned into my generation’s mind. I’ve always been fascinated by the character and the pure evil he was consumed and driven by, he was the stuff of nightmares’ – says vocalist Nev Pearce.

Everliving is the first single from their upcoming EP ‘Villainous Part 1: Reverence’ and a glimpse at a larger project on the horizon that pays respect to the band’s past whilst preparing for the next evolutionary step in their musical journey.