Sodom (Germany)

Metal-Roos: Welcome to Metal-Roos! It is an honour to speak with you today. What is happening right now with Sodom?

At the time we are working on new songs because we are planning a new album next year. But we also confirmed a couple of shows and a small tour in Germany at the end of this year.

M-R: I’m listening to Sodom’s new EP, which is called Out of the Frontline Trench. I’m really impressed by the raw and powerful sound. What can you tell me about Out of the Frontline Trench?

I am very satisfied with the result. This EP will also be the direction for the upcoming songwriting. There are a lot of bands out there who talk about “back to the roots”, but we did it. The EP reflects exactly the sound we all love so much. Particularly the production is very rough and inexorable.

M-R: In Partisan and Out of the Frontline Trench, there are changes in the Sodom lineup. We find the return of Frank Blackfire, also the entry of Husky and Yorck Segatz to Sodom. I imagine these changes were important to you. Did Sodom need this or was it something spontaneous?

After splitting up with Berni and Makka, I got in touch with Blackfire to join the band. I knew that he has his own solo project and is also playing with Assassin. He told me, that these bands are not so busy at the time and he will spend enough time to join the Sodom for an upcoming rehearsal session and live show. That was amazing and it seems like a big chance for him to return into the international metal scene. When we rehearsed Nuclear Winter, Sodomy & Lust, Christ Passion for the first time, I was so astonished that the guitar sound is exactly the same as on Persecution Mania or Agent Orange album. Now, we are able to reproduce the songs in an original way during the live sets.
Husky and Yorck as well are big Sodom fans, so they came up with a lot of ideas for new songs and upcoming setlists. And yes, it seems like a big family to me now. There is a huge friendship between musicians.

M-R: I honestly look forward to a new album with this new Sodom lineup! But now I would like to talk a little about Decision Day, I think it is a very good album. How was the production of this LP? What songs on this album will you play live?

I still love that album and we had a Strange Lost World in the setlist. But at the moment, we concentrate more on older material to complete the upcoming setlist, which we want to change from show to show. You have to realize, that we have so many albums out, with hundreds of good songs. That will be always confusing to create a setlist, which will no one leave disappointed after the show…

M-R: At some point, we got the rumour that in Germany the German Big Four could be made with Sodom, Destruction and Kreator. Did anyone tell you about this? Can this really be true?

Just rumours around. I heard nothing concrete about that, but I still love the idea to do it. Would be great and a really big event for all the Teutonic thrash fans in the world. But you have to know… this is a hard business and all the involved companies, like labels, publishers and booking agencies follow their own interests… hard to get ‘em united. But we will see…

M-R: Sodom has a kind of special love with Brazil and Chile because most of the Thrash Metal bands that have been influenced by your band. How do you see all this?

Oh yes, that’s amazing. We love it so much. Coming back to you in Latin America is like coming home. We have so many fans over there and we always enjoy every second. You guys know how to celebrate real heavy metal music. Fans getting so enthusiastic and excited and they celebrate their bands in a huge party…  

M-R: You were always very critical of the great wave of returning old bands missing the 80’s. Now all this stopped, there are not as many returns as 10 years ago. It seems that all the attention is on making Metal and dressing as in 1988. It is no longer a trend, it is installed on the scene. What do you think of these Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal revival?

We never mind. We always did the music we loved so much, without any dictation to this or that. I think that Sodom is the only band worldwide, who never changed their music and style. Many trends come and go, but we`ll keep the line. But what about bands returning after 20 or 30 decades? Is this a real deal for the fans? I don`t think so!

M-R: After the release of Out of the Frontline Trench, can we expect to have finally a new Sodom album … very soon?

At the moment, we are rehearsing new songs and ideas, but we want to work it out without any time-pressure. So, we didn`t discuss a release date with the record company. But, if everything will be right we try to release at the end of 2020. I realize that the upcoming album could be the most important in my career. I want to make sure, that everything will be fixed perfect and satisfying.

M-R: Well, to tell you the truth I have more questions, but it will be for another time, thank you very much for talking to me and I hope to see you…

Oh yes… you will. Thanks for supporting us all over the decades and we hope to see you guys soon. Take care. You rule.

Interview Date: 2019-12-05

Interviewer: Lucas Rimaudo