SONATA ARCTICA Premieres Official Music Video For Latest Single “Dark Empath”

SONATA ARCTICALeading the way to their highly anticipated new offering “Clear Cold Beyond” (to be released on March 8, 2024 through Atomic Fire), Finnish melodic metallers SONATA ARCTICA surprise fans with a brand new music video today.

Clear Cold Beyond contains 10 tracks reviving the band’s penchant for power metal-esque tunes, following their trip to acoustic landscapes during the pandemic. It’s packed with strong songs and fuses the best of all periods of SONATA ARCTICA’s multifaceted work: From high-speed anthems such as ‘First In Line’ and ‘California’ to emotion-laden tracks such as ‘The Best Things’ and the closing title track, this record offers something for each and every SONATA ARCTICA fan.

“Dark Empath” can now also be enjoyed in all its visual glory here:

sonata arctica AC



Clear Cold Beyond Tracklisting:

1. First In Line
2. California
3. Shah Mat
4. Dark Empath
5. Cure For Everything
6. A Monster Only You Can’t See
7. Teardrops
8. Angel Defiled
9. The Best Things
10. Clear Cold Beyond