Sons of a Wanted Man – Kenoma (Album Review)

Sons of a Wanted Man hail from Beringen, Belgium. They released two EP’s in 2015 and 2016 and have recently released their debut album ‘Kenoma’. The album begins with a 10-minute track that is also the title track of the album, Kenoma. This is a fantastic and gutsy way to start the album. The first track starts with a blast of sheer and raw black metal before winding in the temptation to keep blasting and to develop a sound that progressively builds throughout the 10-minute track. Starting an album with a 10-minute song that is, I think, the highlight of the album shows confidence within the metal community that is rarely seen. Underground albums regularly tend to relegate longer songs, which are often modern masterpieces, to the final tracks on an album.

The second track on the album is Serpentine. This is a good solid track that shows the bands diversity of sound. However, track three Canine Devotion highlights this still further. The soothing and haunting paradox this track creates is a credit to the band. The vocalists harmonise well and create a beautiful contrast.

Tracks four, five and six are Under a Lightless Sky, Absent and Amor Fati. The fourth track highlights what can be found in the opening track; catchy and dark riffs that build throughout the song. The fifth and sixth tracks are quite catchy. It is refreshing to hear underground music that does not rely on blast beats and a powerful double kick to form ‘the sound’ that is so unique to metal. The final track on the album is the instrumental track Pleroma. This final track is an outro track.

Kenoma by Sons of a Wanted Man is a brilliant album that highlights the versatility and divergence of influences the band applies in their songs. Check out Amor Fati here and contrast it with the title track Kenoma here. This is a great album that fans of Dissection’s ‘Storm of the Lights Bane’ and Rivers of Nihil’s ‘Where Owls Know My Name’ will also enjoy.

Release Year: 2020
Label: Les Acteurs de L’Ombre Productions
Category: Album
Country: Belgium

Reviewed by Sam