Sons of Butcher: Shares Covid-19 Music Video “Quaranteen”

We’ve all been pent up stuck in our own little quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic and Canada’s most formidable “mock rock” band Sons of Butcher know exactly how you feel. That’s why they’ve created a new collection of tunes, aptly named “Lockdown In Steeltown”

Today, SOB shares some visual comedic relief and empathy on how we are all raging inside from this present-day way of life. Today, they present their new music video “Quaranteen”, featuring vocalist/guitarist Ricky Butcher’s loss to insanity while living in his hilarious superficial prison.

Sons of Butcher’s Ricky Butcher adds:

“It’s summer in Steeltown, but a quarantine order has changed all of Ricky Butcher’s plans. This was the first song written for the ‘Lockdown In Steeltown’ EP. It was four days into the quarantine in March, during Earth Hour, I wrote this song on an acoustic by candlelight as a joke. I recorded it the next day and showed the boys. Little did I know this one song would spark the creation of an entire Sons of Butcher EP!”

Watch “Quaranteen” here:

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