SONS OF SOUNDS: Release New Video Wolfskind

After SONS OF SOUNDS released two videos from their upcoming album Soundphonia, the third one is coming out now. Wolfkind is after Kriegerherz the second german title of the band. Soundphonia is going to release November 5th, 2021 via EL PUERTO RECORDS

Sons of Sounds. Four brothers. One band. One faith.

“There’s no touring plan, no reunion, no new album, nothing.”-this quote applies to another Rock band. The opposite is the case for the Sons of Sounds.

They have taken on a steep path to the top; without any compromises.

Sons of Sounds; Four brothers, a progressive Heavy-Rock-Ensemble, and one unwavering belief that the journey of a Rock band is theirs. As a four-piece Heavy-Rock-ensemble, the Sons unleash a bundle of energy characterized by unity, play-euphoria, and the zest of life. The outcome is a loud, ceremonial, vivid rock experience. With perfidious, avantgarde structured rock-hooks and more classic, Maiden-inspired musical arrangements, they gain fan by fan. YouTube Videos with far over 100.000 views and a continuously growing fanbase on Facebook and Instagram are proof of this. Even more apparent are the faces of the audience at a live concert.