SPELL: New Album “Opulent Decay” out now & New Music Video ‘Dawn Wanderer’ released

Hailing from Vancouver, British Columbia, SPELL‘s new LP “Opulent Decay” is now available as of April 10, 2020 via Bad Omen Records. With the full length’s release, they are also sharing the new video ‘Dawn Wanderer’.

Watch it here:

Shrouding their listeners in hypnotizing heavy metal, the ten-track album is a menagerie of atmosphere, heaviness and delicately woven melodies. This will be the third album from the group following “Full Moon Sessions” (2014) and “For None And All” (2017). Reflecting on the progression through the albums, bassist/vocalist Cam Mesmer comments:  

“Many bands find their third album the most difficult because they’re trying to recreate what they’ve already done; for us, it gets easier and better every time. As ideas emerged during the writing process, we nurtured them and gave them all the time and care they needed to flourish and bloom.”

As a precursor to the album release, SPELL has already released a video for the first track from “Opulent Decay” entitled ‘Psychic Death’. According to Mesmer, all the tracks on the album “deal with the contrast between opulence and austerity, and the decay that results from imbalance. Our drive to avoid suffering is strong, but it can be overcome by the love for another and the desire to put them before yourself. ‘Opulent Decay’ examines this balance and the dangers that await on either side of the pendulum.” 

Once again creating a powerful and enchanting sonic experience, SPELL invites you to intertwine yourself with romanticism and heavy metal with “Opulent Decay” today.

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