Steel Inferno – Evil Reign (Album Review)

Release Date: October 21st 2022 - From The Vaults


Steel Inferno is a heavy metal band from Denmark formed in 2012, releasing three albums to date – ‘Aesthetics Of Decay’ (2016), ‘…And The Earth Stood Still’ (2020), and ‘Evil Reign’ released in 2022…

…now features male vocals, courtesy of new vocalist Chris Rostoff. The band may have changed their singer, but have in no way changed their turbo-charged approach to delivering high-speed heavy metal. The new album ‘Evil Reign’ features eleven songs in under forty minutes, exploding into life with the fast and furious ‘No Escape’ – a raging storm of fiery metal with a purpose and intent second to none. The urgency reminds me of bands such as Exciter, Helloween, and Scanner…during the early days of heavy metal when power and speed were just evolving. Those were raucous times that I was a part of – absolutely loved the incredible speed of these bands. And now, nearly forty years on, Steel Inferno is recreating that astounding atmosphere – ‘Breakout’ running amok with hustle, bustle, and a pace-changing backdrop. The band shows they’re more than just a speed metal band.

With the aura of the iconic NWOBHM brought to the surface with the guitar sound during the intro to ‘Siren Of The Air’, Steel Inferno races on at high velocity, creating havoc in the mosh pits with impromptu walls of death forming – what place that’s got to be! And without a pause for breath, the band storm on with the anthemic heavy hitter ‘Queen’. Featuring a more “sedate” pace than anything heard so far, ‘Queen’ will have fans punching the air in delight, all the while singing, no, make that screaming along to the chorus. What an atmosphere a Steel Inferno concert must be! With blistering speed restored to the fore, ‘Evil Reign’ ploughs on with the red hot scorcher ‘Jaws Of Evil’ – and just a little sprinkling of the devastating nature of thrash to boot. The band expanding their sound to attract a very wide array of fans indeed.

Without a breather coming forward, the band romp on with the rampaging ‘First Strike’. The fastest song heard so far, ‘First Strike’ is deadly, spitting venom and attitude with every second that passes by. Steel Inferno is merciless in its approach to heavy metal, keeping the pedal well and truly pressed to the floor, not slowing down for curves, bends, or even corners! Simply stunning stuff. Adopting a more classic-sounding European power metal stance, ‘Dark Tower’ is an anthemic strut of head bang-able metal to get the masses moshing hard. Since the album began there has been an intensity level so intense it’s handcuffed the listener to the speakers, and thrown away the key! But hey, no need to handcuff me, I’d happily stand with my ears glued to the speakers when the metal is this fucking good – the album storming on with the electrifying pace of ‘Caught By Her Web’. Much more traditional sounding than any other song on offer, ‘Caught By Her Web’ is a solid slab of head bang ability.

Maintaining the incredible intensity level, ‘Succubus’ is a screaming surge of high-speed heavy metal, with new singer Chris displaying a (Judas Priest vocalist) Rob Halford-Esque style scream across the song’s opening few seconds! As for ‘Succubus’ the song – a roaring rampage of ferocity! The band’s astounding pace, purpose and intent are as high as it’s been since the album began.

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‘More Than Meets The Eye’ is an absolute barnstormer – and no it’s not a cover of Testament’s ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ from their 2008 album ‘The Formation Of Damnation’. Steel Inferno‘s ‘More Than Meets The Eye’ is a bold and brash thunderstorm of red-hot fire and brimstone! The breathtaking barrage of speed metal from the Danish metallers has been simply amazing – the album coming to a close with the four minutes plus ‘Claws Of Death’. I only mention “four minutes plus”, because the previous ten songs – that’s all the other songs on offer – have all chimed in at under four minutes in length! And as for ‘Claws Of Death’ – the slowest song on offer. Yes, readers – all pace has dissipated in favour of a Black Sabbath doom-laden swagger.

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Overall, a breathless barrage of high-velocity heavy metal, Steel Inferno have delivered incredible speed, purpose and urgency.


No Escape
Siren Of The Air
Jaws Of Evil
First Strike
Dark Tower
Caught By Her Web
More Than Meets The Eye
Claws Of Death

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Release Year: 2022
Label: From The Vaults
Category: Album
Country: Denmark

Reviewed by Iron Mathew for Frenzy Fire, and Metal-Roos.