STILL DUSK New Single ‘Garden’ out now

still dusk

An electrifying alternative rock/hard rock band hailing from Athens, Greece, formed in 2018. With a diverse blend of musical influences among its members, Still Dusk unleashes a mesmerizing and unique sound that resonates with audiences.

Drawing inspiration from their individual backgrounds, the band channels their passion for music into crafting songs that delve into thought-provoking social and cultural issues. Through their lyrics and melodies, they courageously confront societal challenges, inviting listeners on a soul-stirring journey of introspection and reflection.

Still Dusk was formed in December, 2018 by the previous guitarist of the band, Nafsika Kardomatea and they started their live appearances in Athens the following year. After a lot of changes in the main line up and a pause due to COVID-19 pandemic, John Kemenides joined the band. They recorded their first EP in January 2023 and it was out the next month. The EP gained recognition in the Greek underground scene and also in the international music community.

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