Swedish black metal horde’s Rimfrost drop comeback horror/slasher-themed EP ‘The Rise of Evil: Killer Instinct’

Rimfrost - The Rise of Evil: Killer Instinct

Swedish black metal act Rimfrost reunited last year after splitting in 2019. The trio is now ready to go full throttle with a two-track EP that depicts the story of a killer. “Killer Instinct,” the first of the two tracks (but the final one from the tale), was released in October 2021. Now, the Swedish horde has unleashed both the tracks under The Rise of Evil: Killer Instinct moniker on 06 January 2022.

Rimfrost informs: “When we started to write music for the comeback, we really didn’t know what we wanted to write about, but we quickly felt that we wanted and that we should continue on the horror path from ‘Expedition: Darkness’ since we all are huge horror fans, especially, we all share some extra love for 70´s-80´s slasher/zombie horror.

“After some discussions back and forth, we decided to create our own storyline that runs over 2 singles with our own made-up killer with inspiration from Michael Myers, Jason Vorhees, Leatherface, and all those classic killers. The story starts with ‘The rise of Evil’ (to be released later) and ends with ‘Killer Instinct.’ It all ended up as ‘The Rise of Evil: Killer Instinct,’ and we are very happy and proud of how it all turned out!”

The Rise of Evil: Killer Instinct is available on all major digital/streaming platforms; stream/download it RIGHT HERE.