SWIMSUIT ISSUE: Make A Splash With Debut Single – ‘Hey You’

Sunshine Coast indie grunge rockers, Swimsuit Issue are making a splash with their debut single, Hey You, released today – November 12, 2020. 

Written by frontman, Danny and drummer, Tom in the dusty depths of Tom’s garage back when the band was a two piece. The main riff came to them out of the blue, followed by the catchy “Hey You”  hook. The guys put some more time into the track during their next jam and then it was done. It was the last song written for their upcoming album, but was the first choice for their debut single. 

Hey You was chosen for the first release due to its equal mix of being a high energy track that also has a totally laid back feel to it. The perfect yin and yang. The track is an ideal introduction into the sound that Swimsuit Issue are all about; their mix of heavy grunge and a softer indie rock sound. The band found their name from a Sonic Youth track and have definitely got elements of that noise rock vibe. 

The song is dedicated to anyone that has their head up their own arse, self absorbed, narcissists who think the world revolves around them and that everyone owes them something. A great track to play loud and sing loud, to relieve any frustrations around dealing with people like that in your life.