Sydney alt-rockers Wicked Envy announce EP ‘What The Hell Am I Doing?’

Wicked Envy

Sydney alt-rockers Wicked Envy just announced their debut EP ‘What The Hell Am I Doing‘ due for release on June, 15th 2022. Accompanying this exciting news, the group also unveiled their emotive goth rock gem ‘I Can See‘.

Representing a bold and assertive new direction the group has taken a brooding turn away from their usual high-energy rock anthems. ‘I Can See’ is a chilling and dark masterpiece effortlessly swerving between haunting piano passages and heavier full-bodied sections. Vocalist Desiree Hancock delivers gut-wrenching melodies telling the story of a woman trapped in an abusive relationship and contemplating her fate. Every lyric is saturated with rawness & painful introspection and is contrasted by driving choruses layered with crushing guitars, a lively rhythm section and Hancock’s magnetic vocals.

” I Can See” is extremely close to me, on a deep, personal and empathetic level. I have based the lyrics off my own experiences and the experiences of others around me”. Vocalist Desiree Hancock shares “I feel this particular song is very powerful in the message it conveys, to use your voice, stand up for yourself and others and be the change that’s needed”. You are strong and you can do this. I really hope this song inspires all women out there to be strong, brave, and true. You are not alone”

Wicked Envy brings all forces of hard rock and grunge infused with blistering riffs and powerhouse vocals. In a short amount of time, the group has been making waves with their latest singles ‘Outsider’ and ‘Frantic’ landing features on Maniacs, Music Feeds, Heavy Mag, EGH Radio UK and more. ‘I Can See’ showcases a band that is bold and confident in their sound and we are excited to see where ‘What The Hell Am I Doing?’ takes them next.



Wicked Envy - What The Hell Am I Doing?