SYDNEY FATE: Reveal new “Tacenda” music video & single

Photo (credit: Megan Jenkins)

Post-metalcore band Sydney Fate have revealed a new music video and single for the song “TACENDA”. The video was directed by Chris Porter from Life Is Art Visuals. Watch it right now here:

“TACENDA” is the second music video from the band’s full-length album Silicon Nitride which is out April 3, 2020.
“The song’s title comes from the obsolete Latin term meaning not to be mentioned (or better left unsaid). I Felt this was a perfect title for the song with it being about the battle between one’s own mind and suffering in silence” says vocalist Bailey Edwards. “We wanted to tackle this video with an artistic approach by telling a story without the use of a narrative, so we filmed in a large RAF aerospace bunker providing a minimalist setting which represents the mind. The video starts off with Adam entering the location (the beginning of the conflict), then the performance (which signifies the battle), and then the end result of leaving the protagonist exhausted and barely able to breath. This is to show how mentally and physically challenging the mind can be during these episodes, leaving someone drained after such an experience.”