R.A.I.D. - Defiance

R.A.I.D – Defiance (Album Review)

The third release from India’s R.A.I.D is a celebration of inner strength and the resistance to external forces. Theirs is a struggle that is identified and expressed through their music. That is tough forthright and […]


India hardcore/crossover thrash metal R.A.I.D: release second single “Shattered Beliefs” from upcoming album “Defiance”

R.A.I.D from India play a mixture of hardcore and thrash metal. They used the time of the pandemic to record their third album “Defiance“, taking a whole year to complete. The result is probably their most personal […]


Indian Hardcore/Crossover thrash metal band R.A.I.D release new single “Alpha” from upcoming album

After enduring an immense amount of professional and personal struggles throughout the pandemic, hardcore/crossover thrash metal band from India R.A.I.D have channeled their energy into writing their 3rd studio album. It will be released through […]