TEMPERANCE Unveils Lyric Video for Energetic Single “No Return”


Modern Symphonic Metal Unit TEMPERANCE Unveils Lyric Video for Energetic Single “No Return” | Watch here: 

“It is captivating, enchanting, with variety and richness in nuance.” – Sweden Rock

“We‘re dealing with a MASTERPIECE here.” – Metalized DK

TEMPERANCE, the Italian maestros of modern melodic/symphonic metal, have revealed a brand-new lyric video for their second single, “No Return”, cut from their exciting concept album, Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2, out October 20, 2023 via Napalm Records!

Immediately catching on with an energetic upbeat, “No Return” gleams with the band’s top-notch sing-along refrain and operatic fragments. Underlined by the captivating rhythm of the orchestration and drums, the song comes along with a magical lyric video that visualizes a new chapter of the story.

Introducing the band’s new lineup with further festival appearances this autumn, TEMPERANCE is looking forward to joining SERENITY’s Nemesis AD European tour in spring 2024.

Singer and guitarist Marco Pastorino on “No Return”:
“After the opening track of the album, ‘Daruma’, we decided to give you something from the middle of the story. You will discover some details about Viktor’s journey, the main character of Hermitage plus one of the best vocal performances of Kristin Starkey.”

Hermitage – Daruma’s Eyes Pt. 2 Tracklist:
3.A Hero Reborn
4.Welcome to Hermitage
5.No Return
6.In Search of Gold
7.Join Me
8.Trust no one but You
9.Darkness is just a Drawing
10.Into the Void
11.Brand new Start
12.Where we Belong
13.Full of Memories