Temples on Mars: Reveal the video for Alternative version of So In Love with Your Own Drug

(Photographer Marcus Maschwitz)

Temples on Mars, the London based experimental rock quartet will be releasing their new EP Parallels V.1 on the 3rd July 2020. The EP contains 5 alternative versions of tracks from their self-titled debut album. Having previously released two tracks already, they bring you the third and final video for So in Love with Your Own Drug.

“So in Love with Your Own Drug was the first single from our debut album which was released in 2018. Although the original version is a rock track it has quite a lot of pop sensibilities in terms of the chord progression, song structure, and vocal melodies so when we were asked to play some acoustic versions of our tracks for a TV appearance on South Africas’ Expresso Show during a tour this seemed like a natural choice. Upon return to the UK, we liked the acoustic version so much we decided to re-work the track entirely, adding some delayed guitars, electro drum loops and samples, and ended up with this alternative version. The whole project wasn’t really planned, it was very organic and one thing kind of just led to the next which also spilled over into some of our other tracks as well.” – James Donaldson, vocals/guitar.

Watch the video here:

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