Teramaze – Are We Soldiers (Album Review)

Prog metal powerhouse from Melbourne, Australia ‘Teramaze’, has been entertaining the people of the world since their debut album ‘Doxology’ in 1995. Over the years through different lineup changes, the band evolved their sound from their thrash metal roots to become a progressive metal outfit, full of soaring melodies, lush vocals full of harmony, kickass riffs and intriguing rhythms. Here we take a look at one of their latest albums they released in 2019, ‘Are We Soldiers’.

This record shows us everything from the melodic synth, chuggy riffs, colourful drumming and many more. In such a song like the title track, we are shown many of these things, including a very tasty guitar solo with many licks that give the song a touch of flair that we see all throughout the record. Teramaze does an amazing job at setting the scene of a dystopian world concept, accompanied by their use of electronic sound all throughout the album to help add the futuristic aspect.
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What also can not be forgotten is the vocalist, who displays warm and melodic clean vocals throughout all 10 songs. From beautiful calm lows to soaring power and passionate highs. With slight nods to Dream Theater influence, Teramaze has kept their iconic sound through the whole album and throughout the band’s whole career for that fact, even with the genre change.
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From the concept to the guitars and bass, to the drums, vocals and the synth, Teramaze always has something to keep the listener stay all throughout the whole record.

Release Year: 2019
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Shaun Bensley

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