Teramaze – I Wonder (Album Review)

So as 2020 draws to a close and we the populace of the planet are all looking for forms of solace and comfort. Most of us find it in family and friends while others find it in music. It matters not what way you take it Cd, streaming or like me straight up on black vinyl.

Either way, it brings great joy. Most of the time I find the music even the darkest of black metal oddly uplifting. So when I started to listen to the local Australian band Teramaze who have been a part of the local scene now for over 2 decades. I was really excited, as I had heard only good things about these guys.

As part of my research, I had found out that they were a thrash band back in their first incarnation. I unwrapped the package that is I Wonder and found that this could not be further from their thrash roots. Much more progressive in its leanings and very uplifting,

Mixing complicated guitar pyrotechnics, interesting time signatures heavy riffing and beautiful vocals that blossom forth to deliver their message. (let’s address the elephant in the room) they are a Christian metal band. But as I said right at the start all of us find solace and purpose in our own way.

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Teramaze does this in making great music. This is a gift from whatever divine power you choose to follow, most of us would give all we possess to play as well as these lads.

Musically there is a definite sense of the time this band has been playing together. I find myself in awe of the quality of all members.

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Her halo is such a thing of beauty that I can but only say quite possibly it’s one of the most intelligently crafted Progressive Metal tracks of the year. Layer after layer it has deep funk grooves, heavy riffs and the clarity of the drums is breathtaking. They really know their way around the studio and it shows. I love Progressive music be it classic 70’s or the more modern incarnation. It delivers textures, imagery and depth you don’t get with any other genre.

Will this be a solid gold classic probably not, is it breaking new ground most assuredly in the negative. Did it make me smile and help me forget about the world’s woes but for a moment. Yes, it did and for that, I will forever be thankful.

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Music the great Opium of the masses dulls the pain and feeds the soul.

Teramaze:  Facebook

Release Year: 2020
Label: Wells Music
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed Tony Evans