Terrorential: Aussie Metal Outfit Drop Lyric Video for Flood the Earth


Earlier this year Sydney thrash/death metal band TERRORENTIAL released their debut album VISIONS. Off the back of this tremendously brutal album, TERRORENTIAL has treated fans by releasing a lyric video to the track Flood the Earth.

Waking up on the day he started writing the track, frontman Larry Papura recounts “I can’t remember exactly why I was so pissed off, but I was just pissed off at everything.”

“I thought to myself If I was some sort of supervillain, I would make it rain until the whole planet floods, then move the earth closer to the sun so it boils everything and kills everything then bring it back to the goldilocks zone and start again.”

Now available on the band’s YouTube page, the cathartic release of anger that is Flood the Earth highlights exactly why the fans flock to metal, in particular TERRORENTIAL’s brand of brutality.