Terrorential – Visions (Album Review)


This four-piece Sydney Progressive Metal band set forth unto the studio to record their first full album. After years of touring and preparing for their big moment, what they put down for all of us who love underground Australian music is something special. There are people out there who may put them in the Thrash bracket and yes sonically I can hear this but I think this is unfair to the guys. The music that they have laid down is more complex more layered more in keeping with the increasingly diverse sub-genre that is progressive metal.

You just need to pay close attention to tracks like One for One it’s a delicious mix of non-conventional time signatures, beautifully played and thought out Guitar Solos, and rasping seesaw rhythm guitars. It changes direction at breakneck speed, which engenders the listener to have to really stop and listen. For me, this is not music I can just throw on the stereo and go about my day. It really is a dramatic audible portrait of textures and colour that I had to pay attention to.

Not to say this isn’t a record that is devoid of fun as each passing song has moments where you can just let go, I think is these boys genius. In these times where live shows are at a limit or in some cases not at all, I can imagine myself in front row centre just losing myself in their music.

You can hear the evolution of Terrorential in this record, from glorious moments of texture, depth and musical intellectualism, to just outright fun. Goddamn Thrashing, and I’m Fucking Drunk hark back to good old-fashioned Thrash of the truly bubblegum variety we all loved so much in the ’90s. With one eye on the Thrash Revival that has taken the metal world by storm these past few years and one eye firmly on their own brand of Heavy, they have made a heady mix that this reviewer will be keen on hearing more of over the coming years.

Summing up this is a band that has produced a record that straddles quite a few genres, and yes it may be a technically proficient album that may stretch you a little. But and here is the big BUT its also full to the brim and boiling over with fun enjoyable and accessible heavy metal. And after all, that’s why we are here folks, our love of all things heavy. So lets put our hands together and show the lads Alex, Triza, Larry, Travis just what we think. I know that once you have heard this record you will feel the same way


Release Year: 2021
Label: self-released
Category: Album
Country: Australia

Reviewed by Tony Evans

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