Texas post-hardcore outfit The Grasshopper Lies Heavy shares “King Of Opinion” video

The Grasshopper LIes Heavy

Texas post-hardcore outfit THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY is pleased to unveil their latest video for “King Of Opinion.” The track comes off Various Plants And Animals Under Domestication, a split release with Louisiana noise/sludge rockers WOORMS released digitally last month via Forbidden Place Records.

Various Plants And Animals Under Domestication features four new rippers from THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY and one twenty-three-minute epic rager from WOORMS. The offering finds each band flexing their creative muscles in challenging and exciting new ways. WOORMS‘ approach was to write the longest song of their musical careers, while the writing process for THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY’s side has veered far from their comfort zone.

Issues THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY guitarist/songwriter James Woodard of the video, “‘King Of Opinion’ is lyrically a kind of a tongue in cheek song. I wrote it during the most isolated part of lockdown, so it’s really about not going outside for weeks and becoming vegetative on video games and social media. It’s a self-deprecating song about arguing about politics, heavy metal, and video games. The music video was filmed using analog electronics; we used half-broken thrift store VHS cameras and wanted to give it a real Public Access vibe with silly wipe transitions and the like. It was a ton of fun to shoot.”

Various Plants And Animals Under Domestication is available digitally and on cassette with the vinyl edition to follow this November. Find ordering options at THIS LOCATION where the split can be streamed in full.

“These songs were ideas that formed during the most locked-down parts of 2021,” notes Woodard. “Since we were so isolated, I would write the songs using rudimentary software drums, then I would send off a demo of the track to the other members. Steven, our drummer, would then come over and we’d work out some eccentricities and song flow and immediately start recording.”

This approach to quick ideas and even quicker recordings led to a trio of positively brutal tracks that bulldoze the listener. The fourth and final track of the THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY side, the nearly nine-minute “Unending Mediocrity,” switches gears completely and the band explores a different sonic tapestry that gives the band and the listener time to breathe. “‘Unending Mediocrity’ was one of those songs that started with a single idea, and the idea just blossomed out to create this long-form, sort of introspective track,” says Woodard. The song crescendos and crumbles away in its lengthy runtime and gives the listener a brief respite before the album flip.

As for WOORMS, a gargantuan, lumbering beast of a band most known for their pulverizing heaviness, they chose to contribute a nihilistic twenty-three-minute diatribe that is challenging, expansive, and above all: dark. About their contribution titled “Areola Borealis,” vocalist/guitarist Joey Carbo states, “In my lyrics, you’ll find no shortage of themes of hopelessness… but this is probably the bleakest thing the band has intended to do.”

“Areola Borealis” is a frightening blend of sludge, doom, noise, and atmospheric scapes. WOORMS‘ debut album Slake immediately put the Louisiana trio in the same company as their famed contemporaries, and even landed them the opportunity to work with famed Today Is The Day mastermind Steve Austin not only on the production of their forthcoming album, but also a roster slot on his label, Supernova Records.



The Grasshopper LIes Heavy - Various Plants And Animals Under Domestication