Deathinition – The Art Of Manipulation (EP Review)

Deathinition - The Art Of Manipulation

Deathinition is a thrash metal band from Bydgoszcz, Poland. They’re getting big in the polish metal underground as they’ve already played gigs with a lot of big bands (like Andralls, Hirax, Violator or Bonded By Blood). Art Of Manipulation is their second release (after the self–titled demo).

Deathinition’s first demo was really good and catchy, but Art Of Manipulation truly shows the band’s potential, and when it’s compared to their debut it shows how much progress the band has made. The songs are now much faster and much more technical, every musician in the band made a lot of progress and now everyone shows great skill. The drum parts are fast, but Witek shows a great variety in every song, which makes his instrument more interesting.

Guitar riffs are diverse and – as I mentioned before – really good technical skills.

The same thing with solos. To be honest, the only thing I would change a bit is a guitar sound – well, it’s really clear, we can hear every single note, but in my opinion, guys should put a little bit more old–school dirt in it… but it’s actually the only thing that I can call a disadvantage (and it’s still not a big one).

But one thing didn’t change when compared to the first Deathinition release – still, the best and the most characteristic part of the album is vocal. Adam has a great voice and he really knows how to use it. On self–titled demo vocal parts were really good, but now they are total killer. Adam sings with a clean voice but can shout when there is such a need. According to the fact, those lyrics are also really good; it clearly gives us the headlight of this album.

To conclude: we’ve got a really good thrash EP. I don’t think it makes sense to write more about it…

just check it out 😉

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Release Year: 2013
Label: self-released
Category: EP
Country: Poland

Reviewed by Wojtek Michalak