The Dead Daisies blast into a new virtual era with Radiance video

The Dead Daisies

The Metaverse is here, and with it a new frontier for musicians around the world to reach new fans and find new audiences. To that end, The Dead Daisies have created a Meta Cinematic (video) for ‘Radiance’. The band’s digital offspring, The Meta Daisies, along with their guardian Daisy will give you a taste of things to come.

The video kicks off in a deserted city with a mesmerizing bright light catching Daisy’s eye, she time travels to a dark forest discovering a castle with a secret tunnel to an underground vault. Fascinated by a small red music box, she opens it and unleashes a glowing sphere which she follows into the underworld. Holding court, Daisy watches over The Meta Daisies performing after which she comes in contact with an Angel which causes an epic explosion propelling her back up to the city scape where she joins the energy sphere and ascends to the next meta dimension.

‘Radiance’ Meta Cinematic will premiere on VentureBeat and Blabbermouth on June 2nd. Stay tuned for more Metaverse experiences.

‘Radiance’ is the first single from The Dead Daisies’ upcoming new album set for release in August. It’s thunderous opening, sets the pace for ‘Radiance’, an eclectic, heavy rock track with riffs digging deep into a 1970’s vibe originally created in the industrious heartland of England.

“‘Radiance’ was the first song we wrote for the album and wanted to address a universal awakening with the lyrical content. Musically it’s heavy on groove and movement.” – Glenn Hughes