THE HALLOWED CATHARSIS: Official Video Breeding Pits Released

Canada’s THE HALLOWED CATHARSIS (THC) will release new EP Killowner on June 2 via Lacerated Enemy Records.

THC plays a unique style of unhinged progressive death metal. Tired of generic tech-death flooding the scene, THC works to be unpredictable, brutal, and technical, while staying catchy. This attitude carries through to the live show where you can expect to see unparalleled energy.

You can check out the official video for album track “Breeding Pits” here:

The new record, Killowner, explores faster, shorter, and more brutal song structures than on the band’s previous offerings. Killowner tells the desperate story of the end of life for a mutated human pet of an elitist extraterrestrial master after she has lost her merit and attempts at having her breed prove futile.

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Track List

1. Abduction Sequence
2. Forced Mutation
3. Breeding Pits 
4. Swap Meat
5. Strays
6. Killowner