The New Wave Of Glam Rock Invades Australia – Reckless Love (Fin) – XYZ (USA) – Crazy Lixx (SWE) & Crosson (AU)

For those of us that experienced the music of the 1980s, it was a time when MTV engulfed our pop culture and sing-along catchy rock anthems with blistering guitar solos ruled the airwaves. 80s Glam Rock had arrived like a new religion and the flamboyant big-haired bands that delivered the music of this generation were the Messiahs.

On a weekly basis, arenas around the world were filled thousands of loyal dedicated fans dying to see their new-found heroes belt out their Rock ‘N Roll sermons with unprecedented skilled musicianship, provocative moves that would make Elvis blush, and deliver some of the most memorable rock anthems in music history.  Seeing an opportunity to cash in on this Rock ‘N Roll orthodoxy, the record companies with their manufactured agenda oversaturated the market to such an extent that by the time Nirvana arrived in 1991 with their flannelette shirts and bleak lyrics, Glam Metal was all but dead… or so we thought!! Underneath the ashes was a phoenix waiting to rise. 

After 15 years of doom and gloom music with Grunge bands delivering scaled down live performances without so much as raising a sweat or engaging the audience, music fans had had enough and once again craved the return of their heroes to entertain them. Glam was back and the bands who had dominated the genre in the 80s were once again fashionable and in demand. Their adoring fans had returned like the prodigal son and embraced them with open arms. 

The legacy and foundation these artists had paved two decades prior had sown the seeds and laid the foundations for a new generation of Melodic Rock aptly titled “The New Wave Of Glam Rock”. This new Glam Rock movement has risen so prominently on a global scale in the past 10 years to a new generation of adoring fans. Combining the old school with the new guard, MelodicRock Fest 2020 is unleashing a plethora of some of the biggest international names of this genre on 6, 7, 8 March 2020 at the National Theatre, Melbourne. 

Legendary 80s artists including Firehouse, Kip Winger, Ron Keel, Janet Gardner (the voice of Vixen), Tony Harnell (the voice of T.N.T) and XYZ combined with ‘new wave’ bands like Eclipse, Crazy Lixx and Reckless Love, together with some of Australia’s finest talent, will unleash their fury in this spectacular three day event. This is the first time this genre of music has been celebrated on Australian soil with such magnitude. 

So as not to disappoint the army of Aussie Glam Rock fans in other states, a series of sideshows around the country have been announced which are guaranteed to have reaching for your leather jacket, eyeliner and hairspray and have you air-guitaring all night. 

MelodicRock Fest is proud to announce a sideshow tour rock  extravaganza featuring  Reckless Love (Fin), XYZ (USA), Crazy Lixx (Swe) with special guests Aussie theatrical glam rockers Crosson, who will be tearing up the Australian East Coast in three electrifying shows in Brisbane Wednesday 11 March, Newcastle Friday 13 March and Sydney Saturday 14 March.   

Tickets to MelodicRock Fest and all sideshows may be purchased from

Wednesday 11 March
Reckless Love – XYZ – Crazy Lixx – Crosson – Briabane, Woolly Mammoth
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Friday 13 March
Reckless Love – XYZ – Crazy Lixx – Crosson – Newcastle, Cambridge Hotel
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Saturday 14 March
Reckless Love – XYZ – Crazy Lixx – Crosson – Sydney, Crowbar
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