The Other – Haunted (Album Review)

Let’s talk about Punk, about Horrorpunk … especially the biggest Horrorpunk band from Germany. If you are or will be a fan of this subgenre you will quickly realise that there is no way around THE OTHER, formed of Rod Usher (Vocals), Ben Crowe and Pat Leveau (Guitars), Aaron Torn (Bass) and Dr Caligari (Drums). Haunted is their eighth release since 2002, fresh and warm as blood from a teenage vampire girl.

Nearly two decades of experience in the Horror business and touring with bands like The Misfits, The Cult, Alice Cooper, The Damned, The 69 Eyes, Blitzkid, Wednesday 13 and supporting Danzig on his recent European Tour, THE OTHER is still keeping Horrorpunk alive. They created with Haunted a phenomenal rise from the dead with 13 catchy hymns from the crypt. The frontman Rod Usher leads every song with his outstanding vocals perfectly complemented by the four creatures on their instruments.

But now let’s jump on the ghost train to enter the haunted house with 13 different chambers. Every room hijacks you through diverse creepy experiences paired with contrasting emotions and nightmares, a mixture from punk to goth rock, metal to darkwave, everyone gets his blood sucked out. It’s a hell of a ride thrilled by nice hooks, metal riffs and frightening lyrics inspired by horror movies and Edgar Allan Poe poems. Switching from room to room will tear you apart and stitch you back together. An absolutely standout and important political statement is the German song Absolution.

And if you still not hoarsely enough, the closer The Silence After The First Show does the rest forcing you to raise your fist and sing along in Misfits manner with clogged corpsepaint and the demand for skulls.

THE OTHER will come for you – for sure !!!


1. Mark of the Devil
2. We’re All Dead
3. Turn It Louder
4. Dead to You – Dead to Me
5. Was uns zerstoert
6. On My Skin
7. 01408 217
8. Vampire Girl
9. Absolution
10. Fading Away
11. Creepy Crawling
12. To Hell and Back
13. The Silence After The First Snow

Release Year: 2020
Label: Drakkar/Soulfood
Category: Album
Country: Germany

Reviewed by motörmate